Conference under the Honorary Patronage of Władysław Ortyl, the Marshal of Podkarpackie Voivodeship

9:00 – 12:15 A guided tour of Rzeszów – for interested participants – see daytime and night-time movie
Lunch buffet 12:30 – 13:30
Welcome (from Rzeszów University of Technology or/and local authorities) 13:30 – 13:45
Poland’s bid for hosting IFMIF (from Ministry of Science or/and Ministry of Development) 13:45 – 14:00
Goals of the workshop (Adam Maj) (slides) 14:00 – 14:15
Introductory session (chair: Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski) 14:15 - 15:15
Angel Ibarra (CIEMAT), Herve Dzitko (F4E) - Overview of IFMIF/DONES and testing of materials for DEMO (slides)
Ulrich Fischer (KIT) - Other applications of IFMIF/DONES: Material irradiations at high neutron fluences and high energies (slides)
Łukasz Ciupiński (Warsaw University of Technology) – Research on radiation damage of fusion relevant materials carried out at Warsaw University of Technology (slides)
Coffee break 15:15 – 15:45
Applications of medical interest (conv.: Sydney Gales, Marek Jeżabek) 15:45 – 17:00
Anthony Marchix (CEA Saclay) - Perspectives on the production of 99Mo/99mTc (slides)
Renata Mikołajczak (NBCJ Świerk) - Radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals for therapy (slides)
Paolo Colautti (INFN Legnaro) – Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (slides)
Other short contributions and discussion
Nuclear Physics and Radioactive Ion facility (conv.: Marek Lewitowicz, Muhsin Harakeh) 17:00 – 19:30
Xavier Ledoux (GANIL) – Neutrons for Science at SPIRAL2 (slides)
Pierre Delahaye (GANIL) – Estimates for fast neutron induced fission fragment distributions (slides)
Jonathan Wilson (IPN Orsay) – Production and study of the most exotic neutron-rich nuclei via fast neutron induced fission (slides)
Aurelien Blanc (ILL Grenoble) – FFIPS recoil separator at Grenoble (slides)
Bogdan Fornal (IFJ PAN Kraków) – Gamma-ray spectroscopy of nuclei at the edges of neutron-induced fission product distributions at IFMIF/DONES (slides)
Michael Hass (Weizmann Institute) – Probing fundamental interactions by precision measurements of β-υ correlations (slides)
Other short contributions and discussion
Basic physics studies (conv.: Zsolt Fulop, Tomasz Matulewicz) 8:45 – 10:45
Rene Reifarth (Goethe University Frankfurt) – Neutrons in Astrophysics (slides)
Pierfrancesco Mastinu (INFN Legnaro) – The LENOS Project at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro of INFN-LNL: a thermal to 70 MeV neutron beam facility (slides)
Alain Letourneau (CEA Saclay) – Neutron and Neutrino oscillations in the framework of IFMIF/ELAMAT facility (slides)
Wojciech Szuszkiewicz (University of Rzeszów) – Neutrons in solid state physics (slides)
Przemysław Piekarz (IFJ PAN Kraków) – Ab-initio modelling of materials with defects (slides)
Other short contributions and discussion
Coffee break 10:45 – 11:15
Industrial application of neutrons (conv.: Władysław Dąbrowski, Krzysztof Kurek) 11:15 – 12:30
Jonathan Wilson (IPN Orsay) – The potential use of fast neutrons to perform computed tomographic imaging (slides)
Jacek Jagielski (NCBJ Świerk) – Damage accumulation in irradiated materials: influence on structural and functional properties (slides)
Arno Hiess (ESS Lund) – Future scientific possibilities at the European Spallation Source (slides)
Short contributions and discussion:
Władysław Dąbrowski (AGH University of Science and Technology) – Neutron Transmutation Doping of Silicon (slides)
Włodzimierz Pomierny (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu) – t.b.c.
General discussion (conv.: Faical Azaiez, Adam Maj) 12:30 – 13:00
Sydney Gales (IPN Orsay, ELI NP Bucharest) – Concluding remarks (slides) 13:00 - 13:15
Adam Maj – Closing of the meeting 13:15
Lunch buffet 13:30 – 14:15
15:00-20:00 Tour to Łańcut Castle (http://www.zamek-lancut.pl) – for interested participants – see movie
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