The Workshop "Town Meeting Workshop on the IFMIF/ELAMAT Scientific Program" will take place on April 14-15, 2016.
The Meeting will be hosted by the Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland.

The address of the main building of the Rzeszów University of Technology is Rzeszów, Al. Powstanców Warszawy 12.  

The nearest airport is located in Rzeszów (RZE), 15 km from the Rzeszów University of Technology. It is served by LOT Polish Airlines (4 times a day), Lufthansa (once per day) and Ryanair.

If you do not find convenient connections to Rzeszów you might consider arriving to Kraków (KRK) and renting a car. Driving time from Kraków airport to Rzeszów is about 1h40 (180 km).

Rzeszów can also be reached by train from Warszawa (4h20-5h) and Kraków (2h-2h20). Please check the PKP Intercity web site for train timetables.

The location and cost of the hotels booked for the participants will be announced soon.


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